Twinkeltje Hobby is registered in the register
under number 04088396 in Meppel

Twinkeltje Hobby takes your name and address data in a file,
and will not be provided to third, unless a
man know real action is required.

Twinkeltje Hobby reserves the right to refuse orders
for any reason whatsoever.

Our products are 100% solid in a container shipped,
we are not liable for any loss or damage
of goods during shipment via TNT Post.

If there is something about the contents of your order will not issue
you must within 48 hours tell us

You can minimize risk by using the
additional services of TNT,
such as track and trace or signature for receipt.

For shipping rates please visit the site of Twinkeltje Current
top of the site under the Shipping Rates button.

Return and / or trade in not possible, unless an obvious mistake
made ​​by Twinkeltje Hobby.

The prices are incl. VAT and excl. handling and shipping.
If you pay via PAYPAL then there tranactie costs
€ 0.35 (standard) and 3% of the total amount
charged (these are costs calculated PAYPAL

Complaints which are received within two days we will attempt
to answer.

When you place an order you will receive is always
(or directly Fri) a confirmation of your order.

Within 48 hours we will contact you regarding your order (via email).

In this email we list the total and the shipping
that you can transfer to our account, whose
number and contact details are given in this e-mail.

>>>>> Payment by check is not accepted <<<<<

After receiving your payment we will send you to decoupage.

The dispatch of articles done on

Your order will be up to 10 days before your reservation.

Is your payment within 10 days after this, then you will receive a
reminder by e-mail, you do not comment on,
then the sheets cut back in sales.

The discounts or coupons are valid only in advance.

All orders are processed in order of receipt.

Although we have the site up to date try to keep it may occasionally
happen that a knipvel already been reserved or sold
to another because you just for them.

When this happens, we will send you an email always.

Twinkeltje Hobby.

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